5 On-page Optimisation Tips To Help Your Website Rank

5 On-page Optimisation Tips To Help Your Website Rank

When talking about on-page SEO, I am sure you have probably heard a lot about the importance of Meta tags, title tags, and all sorts of tags. But, on-page SEO does not have to be that complicated. If you’re searching for some easy and practical on-page SEO tips to help your website rank top on search engine results, you are at the right place.


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Here are 5 easy and practical on-page optimisation tips.

Tip #1. Start your title with the keyword

Your web page titles are among the most crucial SEO factors on your site. Each page and post should have its own unique title, which must include the targeted keyword at the beginning. This way, if anyone types in the keyword on the search engine, your post or page will have a better chance of showing up on the first page.

Tip #2. Use SEO friendly URLs

Including SEO friendly URLs for each page is highly recommended, as it brings better crawling. From a research, shorter URLs were found to perform better in search engine results when compared to longer URLs. Therefore, keep your URLs short and simple. In addition, the URLs should contain the targeted keywords. This brings a positive influence in Google rankings.

Tip #3. Keyword Density

Including the targeted keywords throughout your content is important as it helps search engines understand what your content is talking about. However, avoid overusing the keywords as it can make google ban your website. The best keyword density should be roughly 2 – 5%.

Tip #4. Write good original content

The content of your page is what basically makes it worth of a top search engine result. The content is what the user came to see, and is therefore extremely important for search engines. Therefore, it is vital to post useful & good content. So, what is good content? From the SEO perspective, good content must supply a demand and be linkable.

5. Internal linking

Most people have a wrong notation that only external links from other websites count during SEO ranking. However, while these links are important, they are not only the important links. Having internal links is a great weapon in your on-page SEO arsenal. It not only makes it easier for your visitors to navigate through your Web pages, but it also ensures that your website gets adequate crawling allowing the search engine to find all your pages.

Well, those are the most useful and easy on-page optimisation tips you can use to boost your website’s ranking. I would like to thank Glow Serp Consulting for their contribution towards these optimisation tips. Glow Serp Consulting are a local seo basildon agency.

Why You Need A Blog For Your Business Today

Why You Need A Blog For Your Business Today

Nowadays in the world of social networking it is essential almost crucial for any kind of business to have a strong presence online. Whether this is on their social media accounts or their personal website that has more to offer than just their services or products.


Blogging and Business

Are you a business owner? Do you want more visitors on your website? I’m sure anyone who runs a business with a website page will answer yes to these questions. So what’s a simple way to help your business gain a bigger audience? Blogging can be quite the help. Starting a blog might sound scary at first. But it’s much simpler than you think. Keep your content related to what you offer whether they’re products or services. Search what topics are most relevant within your community. A good idea is to look up businesses that are similar to yours. This way you can always stay on top news. Keywords are also essential. Think of words you’d type in on Google search when looking up a business like your own. Search a good amount of keywords, not just 2-3. You need as many as you can get your hands on. After doing your research, you need to incorporate all that information into your writing. Your blogs should consist of relevant information intertwined with those keywords.


So how does this generate more traffic to my website?

The more you use these keywords within your website, the better. Search engines automatically target websites that are most relevant out of the millions of pages out there. If you are using your research in the correct way and apply these keywords into your blogs it makes your page more of a top choice over others who aren’t doing the work. Meaning that your website will have more of a chance to pop up in the first page of the search rather than the fifth page that nobody really looks at. Which also means that you will receive more clicks from thousands of millions of potential customers or clients. Blog as much as you can, now this doesn’t mean go crazy and do 10 posts a day. Just keep your website active. Keeping active will keep search engines like Google to keep checking in to go see the new relevant content on there.


More Benefits

Blogging can sometimes even help as a customer service tool as well. If you write a blog about a common question that your clients have had and you answer it by blogging about it, it could save you time with a customer. Or even an educational blog could answer questions that you didn’t even know your customers had. Another cool thing about blogging is that it’s always going to stay on your website. So while you’re out on vacation or enjoying your day off, your blog is still being read without you having to do any extra work. This works even better when you share them on social media accounts. People love to share posts that they read and thought were interesting, for their friends and family to read as well. How awesome is the internet?!



Aside from already giving you a wider range of customers by just simply writing a few paragraphs onto your website, blogging is also inexpensive. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising on the radio, TV, magazines you name it; blogging is available to you for free if you already own a website. I don’t know about you, but this is extremely convenient and a great way to save money.

There are some excellent tips in this video.


So start your business blog today. It is must in the world we live in today, if you have yet to start do it ASAP. You don’t want to miss out on all the potential clientele you can reach out there. For some extra business blogging tips check this out